The barn –the heart of the farm

We want to create a farm sanctuary where people get a break from the everyday speed of life to be able to relax, learn and reflect, leaving energized with new insights to make better choices and decisions for the whole.

The Eco Barn Project is at the heart of our vision to transform our organic farm into a learning and inspiration center that explores new ways of sustainable farming, that connects people with rich natural ecosystems and that offers a unique meeting place for great conversations and big thoughts.

To the Eco Barn you could come for a class in organic gardening or a conference where leading experts share perspectives on future proof sustainable farming. You can stay here with your children to experience an ecosystem full of exciting life. You can go on a corporate retreat to this very calm and creative environment, inspiring full focus and new ideas. Or you can spend a weekend for yourself attending yoga workshops and plant based cooking classes with inspiring chefs and all the ingredients coming fresh from the farm.


Watch our films!

 In the first one we describe The Eco Barn Project. In the second one we present a unique energy saving solution for the Eco Barn. We call it The Carbon Negative Project.

The Eco Barn Project
Innovative energy solutions!

How can you heat and power The Ecobarn and at the same time help reverse climate change? This can be done through a process called pyrolysis, in which organic matter, such as wood chippings, are transformed into heat gas and biochar.

The heat gas heats water that will keep the whole building warm. The biochar contains all the CO2 from the wood and will be added back to the soil. The soil then stores the CO2 for hundreds to thousands of years while new trees grew up in the forest absorbing more CO2 from the atmosphere.

The barn will have its own electricity production, partly using solar power and partly using sterling engines. The sterling engines run on the heat gases from the pyrolysis process. They have a maximum effect of 10000 watt per engine and are able to power the whole farm operation.

We believe that the combination of these technologies is quite unique and we would really love to develop the barn into a demonstration site, so that we can help spread these important solutions to the global climate challenge.


Lindeborgs Gård
The eco barn project until today

Over the last year we have been developing the drawings needed together with an architect and a constructor, the building permit is now in place, and we have taken some other important steps.

Since the building was built more than a hundred years ago with timber from our forest. We want to keep this tradition.  In January 2016 we selected the wood, harvested it manually and pulled it out to the forest roads with horses. 

We are now sawing the timber into the right dimensions at a local saw mill. The wood will dry naturally for some months and then be used in the renovation of the barn. Since we use so much wood, the whole building will be a carbon sink, storing CO2.

We are now working on getting the finances together for starting the actual transformation of the building. A building which all in all will be a green demonstration building, restored with natural materials, and environmental friendly choices. It is a project that will bring life, employment, passion and regeneration to the heart of this old barn.