Help us name our lambs!

All our lambs have now been born, and it has been four weeks full of excitement, trying to look for signs given by the mother to when she is about to deliver, being ready to step in and assist if needed, and watching the newly born take a first look on the world. We have been lucky as it has all gone very smoothly, and all the 13 arrived healthy. We are now trying to spend as much time with them as possible to make them get used to us. It seems to work really well. Our son and daughter, five and three years old, have the lambs climb on their backs and jump in their laps to their complete delight.

We are happy to announce that you can help us name the lambs through our crowdfunding campaign. To help you pick the right name for your lamb we’ll send you a small video of it. If you are interested in naming one of the lambs please go to our crowdfunding site at Indiegogo and select the perk called Lamb Supporter. Happy namegiving!

The Eco Barn Project