Garden update march

Hej allihopa,

it is time for another garden update and already a lot happend during the last time.

Day after day you can feel, hear and see that spring is knocking on our door. The parsley started to re grow, as well as the hollyhocks and the first spring bulbs show its leaf tops.

The first little hollyhock leafs are coming up


In february I seeded the first artichokes and chillis, those showed also its first leafs this week. Last week I builded an extra bed just for carrots in our veggie garden. This one is filled with half broken down compost and sand so hopefully we will have big and long carrots this year. It is defiantely worth a try and always good to make use of every little spot in the veggie garden.

The carrot bed, filled with sand.


Today I seeded the first parsley, dill, leek, celery and pac choi. Everyone who is insecure in seeding times I can recommend to contact local farmers and get some help. I had the great possibility and was so thankful that I could spend one day a week at the beautiful veggie farm from Pernilla ( check out her instagram for more garden inspiration @rosendalskan ) last year. The seeding times here are very different then in Germany so the beginning was difficult for me, but thanks with the help of Pernilla I managed it.

I write always all the seeding times down, so I know the year after what I can try to grow even earlier and what is better later. That’s why I seeded alreay dill, parsley, pac choi and leek now so hopefully we can harvest even earlier then last year. My plan is to plant them in our ”window beds”so they get some extra warmth.

Seeding time


Besides I worked a lot in the guest house this week. Made a big spring clean and prepared it for the guest who arrive today. Here a little sneak into the house.

Spring deco in our guest house. Cherry tree and syren branches.


And also our little girls in the barn got a little extra treat. I took out a lot of the straw they are standing and sleeping on. We will use it in our second veggie garden outside the barn. It was such a hard work, I took out over 40 wheelbarrows of straw and then covered the ground with some new, so the girls have it cozy when their lamms get born this month.

The pretty girls.

The pile straw I took out and the great view over the lake.


/ Sina 🙂