A fascinating journey continues

We invited Barbara Vogt, architect at White Arkitekter to the farm a little over a year ago. When we told her about the idea with the Eco Barn we had no idea what she would think about the project. But after that initial meeting it did not take long until we had our first proper meeting about it and a fascinating journey started. Over time we have made quite some changes to the first original drawing. There have been many discussions back and fourth and slowly we have gotten more and more in the right direction. We have learnt that there are a multitude of regulations to obey for a building like this in terms of fire protection and we have had to redraw again to suit them. We have collaborated with a skilled constructor, and she has made some very important work in the sense that her calculations are for the stability of the construction as a whole. One of our next tasks is to find the right builders for the project. Our own timber is now drying at the sawmill, and we are firmly moving towards the day when the heart of the farm will start to be transformed into great green demonstration site. We will keep you updated so stay tuned as the journey continues.